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Why The Social Act?

During the last twenty years, modern cooking has introduced scientific and highly complex preparation processes into the space of mealing. As a consequence, the guest has become a spectator, rather than a participant. We believe an important social space has been lost. The Social Act is our way of challenging and interpreting the tradition of modern cooking and mealing. By looking at and collaborating with other creative industries, it is our ambition to reintroduce the guest as a participant of the meal and consequently restore the social space of mealing.

Some years ago we sprayed edible pure of grass on the wall of an old farmhouse and we made people lick it off. We didn’t call it anything – it was an act inspired by the straightforward eating process of animals. People were challenged, activated, surprised, amused and pushed to exceed their limits. All together, by one simple act. Since then, we have created dining experiences throughout the world helping us define our methods and fulfill our ambitions. We have gradually discovered why we do what we do and how to go about it.

Over time, we have developed the principle of controlled coincidence as a means to break modern format of mealing. Control is about preparation and skill. Without control the kitchen collapses. Coincidence is introduced by action, reaction and interaction. By inviting guests to participate, we work with unpredictability and create a new space of possibilities. We retain control but let coincidence appear. The meal we eat is the result of accurate crafts, cooperation and participation – this is what we call The Social Act

The Social Act allows us to leave the office and be playful. It is our tool and set of deadlines to ensure that we evolve and keep moving forward. It’s an ongoing documentation of our work and thoughts on future cooking and mealing. It’s our showroom – a space of promises and ideas, where no rules apply, as long as you, when around our table, feel great and think the food we bring to you is tasty.