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When joining The Social Act you will be treated to:

6+ servings + snacks and sweets
Pre-dinner drink, wines/drinks and coffee.

The price is DKK 795 per cover (all inclusive)

Please note that we don’t accept international credit cards. You can pay by cash or with ‘Dankort’.

Dinnertime is 18.30 and the event will go on until 22.30 the latest. Please show up at the following address:

Nibble by I’m a KOMBO
Høkerboderne 16
DK1712 Copenhagen V

Please note that we don’t take reservations above 4 people. If you wish to cancel or make changes in your reservation make sure to let us know, no less than 5 working days before your reservation. After this we will have to charge you the full amount. Check out our terms and conditions by clicking here.

Menu information:

The 6+ servings each have a theme. These themes are values that are important to us when designing our eating experiences. The themes will be divided into salty and sweet dishes according to concept design and change from event to event. Comfort food will always be the main course.

ComfortFood: I’m Mmm. During the past years, actually since we began, we have come to realize this. When doing what we do, we are obliged to acknowledge that food has to be really tasty, and sometimes you just want to sit at the family table enjoying mom’s food. When you participate in The Social Act this will always be the centerpiece of the table.

Fun: I’m humorous, imaginative and playful. Losing track of time.
Function: 123… Input, function, output.
Interaction: This is not a f… restaurant. You have to participate!
Innovation: Bending the ritual and moving forward…
Form: I’m shaped and designed.
Trend: It’s impossible not to steal from others. Sorry!
Contrast: Tastes, texture and temperature.
Surprising: Wow… making sure that you stay aware.